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February 22


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Once Dead Spectator Entry: Luciea

Trusting the Moon

Luciea couldn’t get to sleep that night. Some of the other competitors were still roaming around the hotel’s halls finding their respective judges and it scared her; thinking of the zombies she fought at home.

But there was one face that seems to pop up in her mind all of a sudden that chased all of those fears away…

One with pointy pierced ears, red and blonde streaks in his black hair, strange dual-coloured eyes of bright violet and medium brown, and a gentle smile to go with a soft brother-like touch of her hand. That same face that used a neat trick with a couple of security cameras that helped her and Arc find Barlow earlier and allowed her to get her knife back after he was beaten. One with a funny and sarcastic partner that secretly made her smile behind her bandanna.

That nice boy Eclipse; for some reason she felt comforted around him and she did find it only a little bit strange.

Maybe if she was nice enough, he’ll help her sleep?

Gathering some of her courage, she went outside and wandered the halls to try to find his room, keeping her minigun close to her just in case. Despite the changing halls, she found her destination at last.

Room 188-Eclipse’s room.

How’d she could tell is that she can hear his familiar half-British voice arguing with his partner through the door, rather than seeing the number on it since she was, unfortunately, mostly illiterate.


“And I’m bored as heck! C’mon Eclipse, I want to roam the hotel more and you know I can’t stray too far from your pendant!”

“No means no! Stupid program…”

Taking a deep breath she knocked on his door.

“Oh for the love of-Just a minute!” was heard before he opened the door with his trench coat in his hand, and the annoyed expression he first sported on his face turned into one of concern and surprise after seeing her. “Luciea? What’s wrong?”

Saying nothing, she felt herself automatically cling onto his legs for dear life after dropping her minigun, shaking out of fear.

When his initial surprise passed, it didn’t take him long to clue in at her problem. “Oh…Is all the noise from the other guests scaring you?”

She quickly nodded, then suddenly she felt him pick her up and turned her head to see him gently drag her weapon inside with his foot before closing the door.

Then he put his trench coat on a chair and gave his gentle smile before saying, “I’ll let you sleep here then. It sounds like you need some sort of sibling-figure, huh?”

Then he shot a stern look to the violet streaked, demon-winged look-alike. “Now then, both Luciea and I need sleep so you better stay quiet or God help me you’ll miss out on your next weekly upgrade when we get back to headquarters!”

New Moon looked scared for once and then nodded, saying nothing since Eclipse sounded serious on his threat.

“Good,” he said with satisfaction as he put her down on the bed and gave a nervous and apologetic smile. “Heh, sorry about that. He tends to be a handful.”

She giggled slightly but soon yawned as she laid down onto the pillow. She felt another weight behind her and turned around to see it was only Eclipse climbing into bed, pulling the covers overtop them.

“Don’t worry Luci, you’ll be safe with me,” he said in a soft, gentle voice that seemed to soothe her. “I do admit I don’t have any siblings, but I guess I can still be a big brother huh?”

She slowly nodded then began to drift to sleep as he held her close, like he wanted to protect her from any night terrors, and drifted off himself. New Moon said nothing as he shook his head at the dreamers before returning to the pendant with a soft smile and a light chuckle. For once in her life, no nightmares came to her mind for she seemed to earn herself an older brother that she can trust.
I made this not long after I made my Round 1 entry and since a lot of us had seen too much bloodshed so far, I made a cutsie scene here between Keilythefox's Luciea and Eclipse! (that and KTF wanted to see it.)

This is one of two Spectator entries from Round 1, the other involves the now deceased Arc Inkline. (DANGIT SHIRO! WHY DIDN'T YOU GIVE HIM A CHANCE SINCE TO FIGHT ONE PAGE WAS PUT UP?!) If anyone wants to see that one then let me know!

And as you can guess, this is all in Luciea's POV.

This takes place one night after all of the chasing in Round 1 and I was guessing that some were still searching around for either Deadberry or Dessie (Sorry I couldn't remember that character's real name) and our little Zombie survivor was scared to death by it all. At least until, somehow, Eclipse came to mind so he goes to his room and the hedgeboy easily figures out that she wants to sleep with him to make all the fear go away.

He does let her and they both have a peaceful night's sleep.

I did remember from KTF's round 1 entry that Luciea is mostly illiterate so I decided on a late night argument between Eclipse and New Moon to help her find the right room.

I hope this helps settle tensions after all of the drama of Round 2!

Enjoy and leave comments!

OCT is © :iconcrazyshiro: crazyshiro
Luciea is © :iconkeilythefox: Keilythefox
Eclipse and New Moon are © me so DON'T STEAL OR ELSE!
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HydraTamer Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
So much feels... 

I'm so sorry I killed you Lucia!!!!! *breaks down and sobs*
Light-Trainer Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you like it!

And you should be ashamed of yourself for killing her!
Xynztr Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's just adorable. Can I keep Luciea and Eclipse? They sure sound like quite the family. :D
Light-Trainer Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry you can't have Eclipse! And it's not my say about Luciea since she's KTF's character.

But I'm glad you like the story!
Xynztr Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Grr grr. xD
Light-Trainer Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Down boy! I worked hard on Eclipse since his debut in Paradox! You can't have him, or New Moon for that matter!
Xynztr Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah well.. I will always have Tech then.

Tech: I hate you. *puts out tongue*

Well, hell. xD
Light-Trainer Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Tech be nice! Xynztr had to put up with a lot for you! I know since I'm the oldest out of five myself!

Eclipse: And I have to deal with New Moon on a daily basis...

New Moon: HEY!

Boys behave.
Xynztr Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

*facepalm* Tech..
Light-Trainer Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh really now? I beg to differ Tech.

True that he's been busy but he did pay some attention to you, even if you didn't notice. I think you should give him a chance and try not to cause so much trouble, only THEN you'll see how much he does care.

He did do some things with you right? Like go to LegoLand a number of times for example?
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