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DA's 16th Birthday Cake Art :iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 1 0 Emerald Academy App: Prince :iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 1 0
Mature content
Once Dead Round 3-Part 2 :iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 2 0
Once Dead Round 3 Part 1
Once Dead Round 3 Vs Toren, Jaya, Caspian, and Spinner
Past Experiences Part 1-Giving Hope
Eclipse tossed and turned in his sleep. Memories of his death suddenly hitting him full-force as well as the events from the Paradox tournament. Every time, he hears the heartless laughter of that witch and soon shot up in a sudden coughing fit. He felt feverish so he decided to get an ice pack as well as some tea with honey and lemon in it for his cough.
*What’s wrong with me all of a sudden…?* He thought as his fever subsided and the tea did its magic. *Why are those memories suddenly appearing? Did something happen outside?*
Just before he had the chance to look, he noticed his pendant was flashing red, signalling something was wrong. He activated the screens and gasped!
<WARNING!: Infected with unknown virus!>
That what was flashing on the main screen. He inwardly cursed as he deactivated it and put his pendant around his neck. No wonder why he didn’t
:iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 1 3
Once Dead Round 1 Short
Once Dead Round 1 Short: Surprise Weakness
((AUTHOR’S NOTE: Well I goofed…I forgot to put this into my entry as pointed out by the judges…SO SORRY! Anywhoo here’s what happened before Moonlight told Eclipse about the spiders.))
Eclipse woke up feeling a bit…odd that morning and unaware of the night before since he slept. Thinking it was something he ate for the moment he went into the shower. He was gathering his thoughts and suddenly he found himself reflecting on the last time he was here, including his lost friends…
Something felt off. There was something wrong with his memories. He couldn’t remember who his friends were!
Deciding to keep calm he now was curious on what else happened so he stepped out and saw there was a red glow to his pendant. Activating it and looking at the screens that surrounded him he soon saw something was indeed wrong!
He blin
:iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 1 0
Once Dead S2 Round 2
Once Dead Season 2 Round 2 Vs Jacob Thorne, Brian Brunosk, and Teach Edwardson
ROMANCE?! AS IF! (Or something the writer is banging her head against the desk for.)
“Ugh,” Eclipse said as he put his shirt back on after taking a shower. “I’m so glad to those bandages off…”
It had been some time after the tower fiasco and a lot had happened. To start things off, he had to move to a new house that was closer to the main building but this one wasn’t as heavily web-covered to his relief. Next he swore he was going to question his sanity a lot in this new hotel, especially since his next door neighbour was a golem with a mirror for a head and one of his back neighbours makes him crave hot dogs or corn dogs every time he sees the group.
The other one, Chase, seemed NORMAL and easier to get along with compared to that group, despite his regeneration abilities.
Another thing was that he found himself training more often since his po
:iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 0 17
Arc Face Meme Response :iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 2 0
Once Dead Round 1-Eclipse
Once Dead Round 1-Tower Climb to Missing Pages
Let’s rewind a bit shall we?
Eclipse was taking a snooze on his bed after a long day exploring the new hotel. He didn’t know of Arc’s return, let alone of some of the other…residents. He was disappointed on the fact the only lake in the entire area was polluted by the potion remains of Desdemona’s experiments before the effects of the last hotel made her paranoid to the max.
The mutated Koi and the unusual colours/smells were a sign of that.
So now he thought it’d be best to sleep and prepare for the next day…unaware of the unwanted eight-legged visitors coming in and sneaking into a table drawer.
Moonlight noticed though as he woke up from sleeping on the said table. “What the? HEY GET OUT OF THERE!”
The spiders froze and soon made a hasty retreat with what seemed to be book pages. Four of them were crimson before one spider pinned him down and tore a mint-green pag
:iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 1 0
Random Light 09 :iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 1 4 Once Dead NPC App-Zwarte Nacht :iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 3 2 Once Dead NPC App-Moonlight :iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 3 0 Once Dead NPC App-New Moon :iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 1 0
Once Dead Season 2 Audition
Once Dead Season 2 Audition
Return of Redemption
Veronica sighed in frustration as she got back to the registration desk from bringing another guest/victim to their home. Already there has been a new batch of headaches and she was in desperate need of a beer.
That is until she saw her chair was swivelled around so the back was facing her and a few of the spiders looked spooked.
“ALRIGHT YOU MOTHERF*****!” she shouts in anger, her patience long since gone. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE SITTING IN MY CHAIR!?”
At first she thought it was Deadberry playing a joke but a certain male chuckle proved her wrong. “I must admit, Veronica, it’s a very comfortable chair. And I see things had changed quite a bit since I was here last. How long has it been? Almost a year?”
The chair soon swivelled back around and she gasped in shock and surprise to see a very familiar hedgeboy. The eyes and streaks were the same but this time he had his coat tied around his waist
:iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 3 0
Once Dead Season 2 App-Eclipse :iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 4 7
SMD-RV Ch. 8
Chapter 8-More Allies Found By Invitation.
A couple of days have passed since the G.U.N’s attempt on capturing Lucario, and the poor Pokémon’s still edgy from the whole ordeal. Still, he kept his head high knowing that he has friends to help him out as he looked over the ocean on the edge of Angel Island.
*Although there are many dangers here,* he thought to himself as a cool breeze blew through his fur, *I feel strangely at ease. I guess it’s with Sonic’s friends accepting me and helping me. Though I wonder, is this how Sonic feels every day of his life? I guess it must be.*
Lucario was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t hear Knuckles come up behind him, until the Guardian gave a light-hearted chuckle. “I guess you got a lot on your mind, eh Lucario?”
He jumped a bit but then relaxed. “Oh! Knuckles! I didn’t know you were there! I guess I was lost in thought.”
“What were you thinking about?”
:iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 2 17
TMG'sL Ch. 8
Ch. 8-The Mystery Revealed
Canada stared in disbelief at his former guardian, saying nothing for what seemed to be an eternity.
England brought them back?! He brought back their current enemy?! And he’s treating it as a simple accident?!
“N-now C-Canada it sh-shouldn’t b-be all th-that bad…r-right?” England stuttered, trying to save himself, until he suddenly felt something very…off with Canada’s emotional aura as his tail drooped and his ears drooped even lower than usual. “Oh bugger…I’m a dead man now, aren’t I?”
“You…” the younger nation started quietly with a growl, then looked at England with fires of rage in his usually-calm indigo pools, his fur bristling in similar anger. “YOU TEA SIPPING, SCONE BURNING MORON!
CHIGIIIIII!” Romano screamed for everyone as he, Spain, Austria, Prussia, and Gilbird all ducked beh
:iconlight-trainer:Light-Trainer 0 9
Here's some of the stuff I do!


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TOME Episode 01
TOME - Episode 01 - You've Gotta Virus
It's the year 2020, where the most popular virtual reality gaming experience, "TOME" is played by millions around the globe. A young player who goes by the username "Alpha" logs in for a good time, but gets more than he bargained for. While his friends are busy trying to stop a couple of rambunctious hackers disrupting their playtime, Alpha is visited by a strange, ethereal being that speaks directly to his thoughts...though it may appear dangerous, it might just be the key to stopping the hacker threat and allow Alpha to help his friends in need.
Created by Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi, with music by Weston "Kajetokun" Durant, featuring the voices of Blake "ShadyVox" Swift and Martin "LittleKuriboh" Billany. Join the adventure in the Terrain of Magical Expertise!
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Berendina Nyenhuis
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Preferred DA Name: Light Trainer or L.T

Age: 25

Little blurb about me: I'm an avid fictional fantasy writer in London, ON Canada and the oldest out of 5 kids. My fortes is in crossovers and funny moments while I still need to work on battle scenes a bit. I've got a couple of other projects coming up so keep watching!

Likes: Sonic, Pokemon, Megaman Battle Network/Starforce, Warriors by Erin Hunter, other fictional-fantasy stories, country music, writing stories, drawing art, sweets, seafood, and tea!

Dislikes: swearing, being called a recolour, rap music, trolls, art thieves, immature people in general.

Please be nice with your comments OR ELSE!

Badges and Stamps:

Song of Time Badge by Hawkpelt22 (I'm a voice actress for this series!)
(I play her voice!)
  • Listening to: Die Anywhere Else (NITW) covers
  • Reading: Mrs. Murphy Mysteries
  • Watching: Vids on YT
  • Playing: Nostalgia (DS)
I bet you guys are wondering why I don't do pranks on April Fool's Day.

It's simple; I worked today and I couldn't think up a prank either. Wasn't even going for the ol' "I'm going to quit DA LOL just kidding!" routine. (Already got Rick Rolled from a MLP user here on DA though. A nice classic.)

Yeah April Fool's has lost the charm to me over the years and with my busy life working and other projects I don't have time for that so I accept the pranks and move on.

So April Fools stuff from this Kitsune unless I don't work next year and I plan something out but that's up in the air.

'Til next time!

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